Free Wed. Evening Group Runs



No excuses! It's free! 

Bring the Kids!

Jogging strollers and kids' bikes are welcome, so make it a family affair!!

Advice and Tips from Coach Seth

Come early or stay late for free advice and tips from Coach Seth on all things running!


Special events on certain Wednesday nights mean free SWAG and samples from our local and national partners! Think homemade energy bars, shoe testing, running company reps, smoothie samples, and much more!! 

Day, Time, & Location Information

Day & Time: Every Wednesday, 52 weeks a year at 6:30pm Central Time; runs last 30 min plus we do a warm up and cool down.

Regular Location: Sunset Park, Lake in the Hills, Illinois - meet by the basketball courts near Miller and Albrecht Roads.

Summer Months Location: During the summer, Coach Seth will sometimes change the location of the group run to another park/area for fun and to show off the great running paths we have in our area. When he does this, he will post the location on Kopf Running's Facebook page by the Monday before the group run, so be sure to "like" us on Facebook and note location changes. 

Winter Months Location: Runs will be outside with the exception of very inclement weather. If it is too cold or there is snow/ice deemed unsafe by Coach Seth, the run will be cancelled.


  • Do I need to register ahead of time?
    • No! Just show up! Find Coach Seth when you arrive, and he will have you sign a quick waiver! 
  • Do I have to be a runner to attend? 
    • No! Beginners are welcome, or just come enjoy a 30 minute walk to get some much-needed exercise after a long day!
  • How many runners usually attend? 
    • It depends! We have had anywhere between 2-40 people, but the average is nice and small, around 10. 
  • Do I have to go the same pace as everyone else?
    • No! You can find a buddy to run with within the group, but you can do your own thing as well! 
  • Do you provide hydration?
    • On very hot days in the summer or when we have one of our special events where food/samples are served, we do provide hydration, but please plan on bringing a bottle of your own most weeks.

Wednesday Night Partners

free group runs

free group runs

free group runs